About W.H.O. Books

“When this movement started and I was looking into diverse children's books and books about social justice, I was blown away with how much I have to learn. I saw this as an opportunity to educate myself, along with my family, and felt that we had the ability to share that education in our community. I would love to help children and families be exposed to more diverse books and for more topics to become ‘normalized,’ such as race, diversity, equity, climate justice, mental health, differently abled humans, and gender identity to name a few. I believe we need to start talking about these vital issues earlier with children. They are curious and want the truth about so many things, which is a perfect opportunity for impactful conversations to happen.

Little Free Libraries have always been something my family loves and looks forward to finding wherever we go. As an elementary teacher, I've always had a plethora of children's books in our house, which led to routine visits with my kids to add more children's books to free libraries we were always searching for. With this movement, we thought Little Free Libraries were a perfect place to share our diverse book titles with others.

I hope that children, and adults, are able to make connections to a book, in some way. My hope is that people take the time to read stories they may not have chosen before, with an open-mind and open heart.

WHO doesn't want children to feel self-love?

WHO doesn't want children to feel empowered?

WHO doesn't love a good book!?”

~ Beth Fogarty, Founder of W.H.O. Books Inc.

This movement started after the death of George Floyd.

Our family knew we could do something more.

The name W.H.O. came from the initials of our 3 oldest children,

Wilhemina (“Willa”), Hazel, and Oscar. Thinking of their futures in mind

and wanting to continue educating them with more diversity, equity,

and acceptance in mind.

Our movement would not be possible without the generous donations

and sponsors in our lives and community.

Our mission has been to purchase children's through YA books that

represent more diverse characters, authors, and illustrators, while

bringing more issues to the forefront, in hopes to start discussions

earlier with children.

We spread these books around our Hudson (and surrounding), WI community Little Free Libraries & Free Little Libraries, as well as collaborate with local organizations to provide these titles at community events.

"Little Freezing Libraries"

Collaboration with

Project 30.1

Adding books to Little Free Libraries

Collections of books gathered for events

Books & Benches Collaboration